Website/Market Analysis Service – SEO Check-Up – Traffic and Revenue Opportunities – PDF Report


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Website / SEO Check-Up and Market Analysis

You have completed your website. You produced your content. Everything seems fine. But no one visits your site? You may have some shortcomings. We prepare and report all your shortcomings, opportunities, competitor, and market analysis for you. All you have to do is read this analysis and take the specified actions.

Who Is This Report For?

  • 🚦 Creators who created their websites but did not get enough traffic
  • 🛍 Brands that have created an e-commerce site but cannot make enough sales
  • 💰 Creators who haven’t decided how to monetize their website
  • ⚡️ Those who want to learn about opportunities in their industry/niche
  • 🔎 Those who want to learn the strategies of their successful competitors
  • 💸 Those who want to create passive income with their website
  • 🤮 Content creators are confused by terms like Hosting, domain, WordPress, SEO, SEM, Adsense, Adwords
  • 😓 Constantly asking yourself “I’m doing something wrong, but what?” people asking the question

What Will I Find in the Report?

You may have mistargeted if you have insufficient traffic / insufficient sales / low revenue on your website. The best way to fix this is to imitate your successful competitors, find their shortcomings and fill that gap. We answer the following questions about your website and prepare a simple and to-the-point report. All that remains is to take these actions.

Market Research/Analysis

  • What are the opportunities in your industry?
  • Who are the competitors in your industry?
  • Who are your successful competitors?
  • What do your successful competitors do differently from you? What is it aiming for?
  • What are your competitors’ weaknesses?
  • Do people search for the content you produce?

On-Page SEO

  • Is your content written like search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex?
  • Have you done keyword optimization?
  • Do you use the necessary technical SEO schemes on your website?
  • Is your entire website mobile-friendly?
  • Do you have broken links on your pages?
  • Is your website speed as Google wants?
  • Is your site hierarchy designed correctly?

⚠️ Requirements

  • Your website must be prepared and published.
  • Some content must have been produced
  • Your industry/niche must be determined


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Website/Market Analysis Service – SEO Check-Up – Traffic and Revenue Opportunities – PDF Report